Paul Kulyk, MD, BEng, BSc (3-year)

I am a fourth-year resident in Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan. Previously, I worked in the telecommunications industry as a computer engineer. I am currently living in Bern, Switzerland completing a Master of Biomedical Engineering degree.

As a medical student I co-founded the edus2 project, an open source emergency department ultrasound simulator for adding bedside ultrasound to existing simulation suites for a minimal cost.

Research Interests

I am currently involved in a project creating 3D printed models of bone based on CT data. The initial goal is to develop an open source system to make these easily available to any department interested in 3D printing models for educational purpose (ie. resident teaching). I am leaving this fall to complete a Master of Science in biomedical engineering before completing my residency.




paul.kulyk@gmail.com - no medical questions.



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